Get your creative juices flowing by painting a canvas rug

Go on a fun and relaxing ride trying new techniques to unleash your creativity
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About This Product:

How incredible will it be when your creativity is expressed on your hand-painted canvas rug? This is all about having fun so NOW is the time to take steps and I'll be with you each step of the way.
After painting the base coats of paint onto your canvas you'll have a toolbox of techniques you can pick and choose from. Use one or use them all and see how your design unfolds before you. 
Check out the materials list, grab your sampler to practice on, and let's make a beautiful design on your canvas rug together.
You can always contact me at with any questions. I answer every email as best as I can!

We have a community of canvas rug makers, also known as canvas floorcloth makers. Join our Facebook group and ask questions, receive support, and cheer others on as we create art on canvas rugs.

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Program Details

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The first thing we paint!
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Painting the base coat on your canvas rug
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Before we get started let's talk a minute.
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Let's pick some plants for leaf stamping!
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Leaf stamping a design with water
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A simple painting technique
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Stamping with stamps
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Let's stencil!
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You can trace on designs!
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a message from Laurel
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Leaf stamps
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The wash technique
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Time to do nothing!
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Let's talk about varnish!
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Ok, we're ready to varnish your rug!
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That last thing we paint on your canvas rug.
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Good stuff to have in the studio
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How to make your own stamps!
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Installation and maintenance of your canvas rug
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Laurel Anderson

Passionate Artist, Teacher, Communicator
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I'm here to help get the art out of your head and onto the floor.

I stumbled onto the art of making canvas rugs, or floorcloths 15 years ago. I purchased a book on how to make them and found the materials available to me in Costa Rica. Canvas rugs were such a perfect solution to life in the tropics but it's taken years for me to educate people about the what, where, and why of canvas rugs. 

After 12 or so years of posting on Facebook and Youtube, people started asking me to teach them how to make canvas rugs. 

This is my answer to the call.

I have since made canvas rugs in exclusive designs for hundreds of homes in Costa Rica, the US, and Canada with rugs featured in hotels in Costa Rica and Aruba.

Although there are many videos on my channel on Youtube these are the first consolidated collection of videos including how to make sew and paint canvas rugs 

I am always open to communication and respond to my email readers and YouTube followers with gusto. As much as I love art I love people more.
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